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“But if you’re looking to make a more meaningful connection, then use your most important music, music that relates to who you are as a person–your feelings, your thoughts, your values, your worldview.Your music is a portrait in sound of you as a human being.”What all of this means for singles on the prowl is simple: If you’re trying to attract someone who shares some of your values and interests, don’t try to game the system.A lot of those people in the television shot are seat fillers for when the artists mingle and go to the restroom. As a nationally ranked runner and an Olympic hopeful, Delilah Di Crescenzo is used to being chased — but by other athletes, not by pop singers from Chicago.The tabloid claims the pair have been on a string of dates ever since he discovered her on You Tube, with Delilah - real name Paloma Stoecker - spotted in the crowd at Prince's gig in Ronnie Scott's Soho on Monday (February 17).Despite the dating rumours, a spokesperson for Prince later dismissed the speculation, stating: "Delilah is a friend of everyone in the band and everyone loves spending time with her.” However, an insider told the paper: "Delilah is talented and gorgeous and it’s little wonder Prince is so smitten with her.

A few months later, Tom Higgenson visited her house to drop off a CD. The song didn't win, but she described the day as one of the best of her life. With the Grammy Awards ceremony taking place Sunday night, we look back five years and let Delilah Di Crescenzo give her take on music's biggest night. For one day, and one day only, I was a guest at the biggest party on the planet.

He’s a lovely person and we get along.” Watch this space…

Our favorite music can uplift us, inspire us, comfort us in times of pain.

This is a change that will impact a lot of people: Spotify is by far the biggest streaming service in the world, and though Tinder does not publicly release its number of users, a .

The integration between the two services allows you to see matches based on who has similar taste in music to yours—which seems like a pretty useful feature, especially if you’re nerdy and obsessive enough to be reading a music publication—as well as display your top artists and a carefully chosen “anthem song” on your profile, to share your true musical self with the world. There’s a reason that music nerdom is the romantic subplot of so many cult movie classics from the ‘90s–musical kinship is often associated with attraction.

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