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Tonight, Delilah's 35-year-old daughter Lonni is filling in, and reminds her mother to record the short monologue that will air before the next commercial break."Smoothin' off the rough edges of your day as you relax and unwind.Did you have a great day today, or did you have a tough day?She’s a love guru who has been married four times, a wholesome entertainer who swears freely, a DJ whose taste makes music snobs’ eyes roll.Upon meeting her, she's so buoyant it initially arouses suspicion.My vocoder-based sound installation DELILAH TOO will open at the CTM Festival, in the Kunstraum Bethanien on , and run until 22 FEB.I am looking for a number of volunteers to speak, read or sing texts in any language you choose, as well as attempt to communicate with installation visitors (hopefully in a language they do understand) during the entire month of the festival.Though her face remains mostly anonymous, her voice has been a fixture of American life for nearly 20 years.Parents listen as they cook dinner or wash the dishes.

And if you can find a purpose, find something to focus on where you're pouring your love and your energy into others, it's gonna get better.

This call is the first of the night, and two teenage girls start giggling as soon as they hear Delilah's greeting. And how old was your friend who forgot that she wasn't supposed to be driving your grandparents' car and accidentally bumped it into something else!?

Over about 10 seconds, the changing rhythm of their laughter reveals surprise, then joy, then anxiety as these BFFs forget what it was they wanted to tell her. "The host has a phrase for calls like this, one of the staples of the show, where total strangers confess their deepest secrets. ” she shouts, but before she hangs up, she reassures the girls that the grand theft auto “will just be our little secret.”Not exactly.

"People think it's all about romance," she says, "but how many calls have you heard tonight that are about being in love? Most people just wanted to talk, and Delilah is the kind of person you can't resist talking to.

On the air and in person, the mother of 13 is unselfishly curious and unashamed of her contradictions.

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