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From back, through small windows, the day-light penetrates in (in the movie this part of the crypt had been fenced by a wall.) Again, here is the granite column with carvings on the top that was clearly visible in the movie beside Juliet's coffin. When in the town we again enjoyed the view of the church, this time from far and on the back side.I was so regretful not to have taken with me at least a little flower to be left in the crypt as I usually do when I visit Juliet's tomb in the real Verona! Later we found an ancient public fountain, very similar to the one where Mercutio "took a bath" in the movie.

Our story too will be joyful, because it deals with the realization of a dream born from love and living in the name of it.

But one day our dream became true thanks to friends from the Italian Shakespeare Association - Cynthia and Romano.

They became our good wizards and helped us in realizing a fascinating trip (we would say a sort of pilgrimage) to the places linked with "Romeo and Juliet" movie heroes.

Only long time later we learnt about the places where the filming took place indeed.

To visit these locations seemed to us an unrealizable dream.

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