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Here Romeo gave Juliet's nurse the news about the secret wedding. How could I ever think that one day I happened to be here!

Here is the opening on the left side of the altar through which Juliet impetuosely rushed out"so light a foot will never wear out" (as written by Shakespeare). It is important for me, in such moments, to exchange a glance with somebody who understands and shares my own emotions. We again take some shots, then through steps we go down to the crypt.

Several small towns scattered through central Italy far from usual touristic routes...

Even if we could go to Italy (indeed we have been several times in Verona),how could it be possible to reach such villages and how to find the locations we looked for?

The old Tuscania lanes are lovely and we strolled around for a long most dynamic scenes (scuffles, duels) of Romeo & Juliet movie took place in a damp and rather cool day. The atmosphere in front of us was in sharp contrast with the sensation of fiery sun, burning streets and dusty stones that reigned in the movie.

The weather seemed more suitable for the final of the drama.

From back, through small windows, the day-light penetrates in (in the movie this part of the crypt had been fenced by a wall.) Again, here is the granite column with carvings on the top that was clearly visible in the movie beside Juliet's coffin. When in the town we again enjoyed the view of the church, this time from far and on the back side.

north-east of Rome- Its name derives from Etruria (Etruscania), a vast area inhabited by the misterious, highly cultured and wealthy people of Etrurians or Etruscans since the eighth century B. Despite the fact that the area they ruled before Romans extended from the Emilian Adriatic sea down to Campania past Neaples, only the central Italian region of to-day Tuscany inherited their name.

Strangely enough, Tuscania in not situated in Tuscany but in the Latium region on the border with Tuscany.

It is known that this small fascinating town, attracted Maestro Zeffirelli with its ancient basilica of St. Under the vaults of this church and in its gloomy crypt have been shot the most joyful scene of the movie (the wedding) and the most tormenting one (the death).

Once we had the chance to learn that the author of the early Italian story about Romeo and Juliet first called it "JOYFUL STORY..." and we think that there was nothing amazing in it despite the sorrowful ending of the tale.

One must note that in this context the word "joyful" does'nt mean "merry" nor "amusing", but understands Happiness in the highest meaning of this noun: the capability of experimenting THE great Love, the sacred gift from heaven of which Romeo and Juliet were so generously endowed.

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