Dating company scam dating and mating reading the body language signals

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The visions of a dream home, fabulous vacation, or other expensive goodies you could now afford with ease, could make you forget that you have never ever entered this lottery in the first place.This scam will usually come in the form of a conventional email message.This is the most widespread internet and email scam today. "Phishing" is where digital thieves lure you into divulging your password info through convincing emails and web pages.These phishing emails and web pages resemble legitimate credit authorities like Citibank, e Bay, or Pay Pal.Alas, far too many victims, pressured by financial problems, willingly step into this con man's trap.This one involves an item you might have listed for sale such as a car, truck or some other expensive item.

If only one in every thousand people falls for this scam, the scammers still win several hundred dollars.All you are asked to do is cover the endless “legal” and other “fees” that must be paid to the people that can release the scammer’s money.The more you are willing to pay, the more they will try to suck out of your wallet.It will inform you that you won millions of dollars and congratulate you repeatedly.The catch: before you can collect your “winnings”, you must pay the “processing” fee of several thousands of dollars. The moment the bad guy cashes your money order, you lose.

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