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Now at us o'clock in the night and now my working day it is finished.Wanted was to go already home, but before it has decided to check up my mail.If you include it in a web page with other elements, all browsers I tried (IE 11, Chome 36, Firefox 31) leave large amounts of space around it, while that doesn't happen with the SVGs that have a specified vieport & view Box; those get tightly packed.None of the other options for puts a huge box around the output, so it's basically centered on the page.So the driver couldn't possibly work right as it stands, unless Martin decides he wants to treat uniformly dvisvgm and Post Script specials for the purpose of calculating bboxes.I was actually typing this as a feature request on his launchpad when I noticed he replied here.Except it doesn't seem to work at all with the current version (1.8) of dvisvgm itself.

Luckily the junky stuff doesn't matter, if I just copy the old viebox and width over the new, direct-method SVG it displays fine the blue dot/circle!

Should admit to you, that I actually was very glad to see your answer and even on my person the smile has now appeared. You probably now think, what I any chief or the private businessman? I work as the simple insurance agent in branch of insurance company "Nasta." I could write now to you about my work, but I think, that it will be better, if I another time in the letter to write to you about it, ok more in detail.

Thanks you for your fast reply and I hope, that in future our correspondence you will try as soon to answer me. Now I would like to admit to you something to not confuse you.

Probably this name now speaks nothing to you, but I am sure, that it would be pleasant to you. I already wrote to you that I like to sing to dance and listen music and basically my hobby consists in it.

Probably it is old-fashioned a little, but I like to collect old musical a plate. Executors different - a lot of Russian and as foreign singers.

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