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Some travellers travel enormous distances and keep all their preconceptions intact.” Having spent much of his career reassessing received narratives of the events that formed the world we live in, Davies wanted to do something quite different.

In the ensuing years “less memorable” travels followed – “by ambulance to the stroke department of the John Radcliffe Hospital (in Oxford), the operating theatre of the Churchill Hospital, and eventually the oncology unit of the Manor Hospital”.When I spent a few days on the island in the late Eighties my impressions were little different, though the museum was open (but it contained none of Gauguin’s original works, only an assortment of faded prints and dusty postcards) while sunset over the Pacific turned an exquisite silver once the flaming orange glow had dimmed.Interspersed with vignettes of scenery and people are sections devoted to more general themes.Here Europe is seen as “the ancestral foe, the source of enmity, deceit and corruption”.Among other damaging effects, Davies believes a conventional east-west orientation has led to academic neglect of the long history of Poland, where in 2014 he was awarded citizenship in recognition of his history of the country, (1979).

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