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Errors of this kind could make any astrology, especially if based on the position of the fast moving moon, inaccurate.The following is a description of Hindu astrology as edited down from Wikipedia pages.If you wish to use the flash app you can download the flash player plug-in from adobe...and even Apple devices can use flash - just search google with something like "flash for ipad".This is because the moon is small, fast (in angular motion terms) and subject to many perturbations.In order to keep the site as efficient as possible we use a number of approximations which mean that the position of fast wobbly objects like the moon are likely to be a few hours out from time to time.

One of the main differences between Hindu (also known as Indian or Vedic Astrology) and Western Astrology is the emphasis placed on the moon.

This means that the Hindu Zodiac is fixed to the constellations whereas the western zodiac moves as the poles of the earth precess.

Both zodiacs were identical at around 285 AD but the western version has moved by over 22 degrees since then.

The Hindu Zodiac also subdivided into the mansions of the moon.

Depending upon the version of astrology there are usually 27 (but sometimes 28) equally spaced mansions or Nakshatra's.

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