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Approach the landlord of a vacant block by offering to spruce up their neighbourhood and entice long term tenants through your pop-up activity.

There are agencies that help you find them or start a pop up space too.

Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing site simply puts it as “The achievement of conventional goals (e.g.

Profit) using unconventional methods such as investing energy and ideas instead of money.” Here is a great blog outlining the tactical thinking and mindset that can help you win the war.

Service your existing customers with social events that allow them to make a positive association e.g.

a book club in a book store after hours, storytelling evenings in a cafe, coffee mornings with toys for Mums to socialise in a nursery goods store. Offer free exhibition space on your premises to new edgy performance artists, a nearby visual merchandising school looking for practice or Design students. Use your own staff as Cast or your own customers as a captive audience : Finnair used their hostesses to flash mob passenger with a Bollywood routine to tap into the Indian Market 26.

In this picture, local electricity board ESB worked with the municipal authorities to revitalise the cultural quarter in Dublin by using a Street artist to work on the theme of Electricity on an old Building they own in the district: Here is a great example from Ikea: Ikea Follows Banksy and Turns to Graffitti Street Art Caveat: Be careful when engaging in street tactics as you are encroaching on public space – people usually forgive you for imposing your image or promotion on a public space only if it is entertaining, temporary, and an improvement to the environment or aesthetic. Chalk it up :write your website in chalk outside a major event related to what you do say in the carpark or registration driveway 11. Catch some enjoyable examples in Time Magazine’s photogallery on “The Fine Art of Yarn Bombing” 16. Another great example : Le Cool and Dublin city council used open-sourced collaboration on Dublin Park(ing) Day.

Use Reverse Graffiti : Street artists use soap instead of a spray can and a stencil to scrub out an image in public space. Sustainable design blog, Inhabitat posts some in “Clean Green Street Art hits San Francisco! Create Projections onto a blank wall at night and it becomes a natural billboard/ cinema screen e.g. The message : re-using parking spaces by turning them into landscaped gardens as a way reclaim city space.

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Tap into the people in your neighbourhood who use your business by providing them with meaningful events in-store or on your premises: 20.

Isabelle Trowler, chief social worker for children and families, said: "The Government has listened to the views of social work leaders who know the system best and understand the unintended consequences that introducing mandatory reporting could produce." Steps that are being taken forward include efforts to improve co-ordination between agencies involved in keeping children safe through better information sharing, while officials will review the law around concealment of child abuse and neglect.

Minister for crime and safeguarding Victoria Atkins said: "Child sexual exploitation and abuse are sickening crimes.

Ministers concluded that the evidence received does not demonstrate that either of the proposals would sufficiently improve outcomes for children - pointing to feedback suggesting the measures could risk creating unnecessary burdens, divert attention from the most serious cases and hamper professional judgment.

The Government also noted that England already has a higher rate of reporting than countries where such duties are in place, and the evidence from serious case reviews, Ofsted inspections and the consultation responses does not suggest there is a systemic problem.

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