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Note this curve does not include ship observations. As usual, I'm saying little about Antarctic sea ice, since the ice at the bottom of the world is not changing much and has a small impact on global climate compared to Arctic sea ice. then what is the explanation for the increase in the Antarctic? What ever happens simply happens we have little to no control over Solar activity or what even our own country chooses to do. My computer crashed a few weeks ago and I lost my harddrive and all my favorites including the links to the models and such... I am currently undecided on the topic of global warming. Everyone hold on, but La Nina may not be going away as fast as many was thinging.....

The year 2007 was the warmest year on record in the Arctic. Antarctic sea ice is currently quite a bit above average in extent, making total global sea ice above average this month. We can compost and garden, recyle and choose to use less fuel but most likely that won't make much difference to the climate engine. Can anyone send me the links again to the page that has all the models on it? I see both sides of the argument, but I do not know if we have data from long enough to determine if this is a natural occurrence, or a man-made disaster. The heavy rains that went through on Saturday were kind of scary though. Look at this loop and pay close attention to South America in the Pacific.

Pada artikel ini aku akan berbagi bagaimana caranya memodifikasi tampilan widget Link Within agar ciamik dengan menggunakan CSS dan tentunya dengan pembahasan yang sangat mudah untuk dipahami oleh semua kalangan baik pemula apalagi profesional.

Sampeyan tinggal mengambil kode diatas untuk diterapkan kedalam blog sampeyan, apabila dirasa kurang pas sampeyan bisa memodifikasi sesuai dengan kondisi template bawaan blog kepunyaan sampeyan,semoga bermanfaat.

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My next post will be on Wednesday--Earth Day--when I'll pick my top wunderphotos from the past year. Can anyone send me the links again to the page that has all the models on it? region=naconf&TYPE=TEXT: LIST&YEAR=2009&MONTH=04&FROM=201 2&TO=2012&STNM=72210We don't have that much of a threat of severe weather today. I hope they also inherit a planet that's slightly better than today (or at least less bad than it might be) because of small and not-so-small actions by myself and millions of others who are willing to do something for the greater good.

Even 160 thousand pounds of impact force couldn't put a dent in the building."There's no damage to this roof at all and having a car dropped on a normal roof would have a lot of damage."After the massive EF-5 hit nearly two years ago, a grain elevator was one of the few buildings left standing, and that's what this new eco-home is modeled after.....

Hi there Not too bad here but the heat is ramping up and the dust is awful. I just took a look at the TCHP map for the Caribbean and the water around Jamaica is warming up real fast.

), turned out the scientists were too cautious in their estimates and it was worse than predicted.

In eliminating CFCs, Du Pont's profits surely suffered and many of us had to pay a little more for AC on our cars and for aerosol cans, but I think most would agree that the costs borne by society have been substantially less than the benefits and it is gratifying that worldwide atmospheric CFC concentrations peaked about 10 years ago and have been declining steadily since. Sure some will cheat, but over time that will be less and less of an economically viable option, and the world will be a better place.

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