Consolidating local governments

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Municipal independence in the United States is therefore a natural consequence of this very principle of the sovereignty of the people.

Townships also invigorate an active and engaged citizenry.

Local government boundaries as they are currently configured may be due for a reexamination.

Township boundaries aligned with surveyor or congressional township lines may or may not be optimal to meet local needs and circumstances, but the goal of reducing the number of local governmentsif such a goal is truly worthy of serious consideration--should also address all types of local governments, particularly those communities facing chronic fiscal problems resulting from their small geographic size and declining tax bases, which are very common in southeast Michigan.

Should we now conclude that state government has demonstrated that, in all matters, it has earned our complete trust, and the notion of potential abuses of power by over-zealous state agencies that are poorly governed by inexperienced lawmakers is just another quaint, out of date notion of paranoid frontiersmen?The native of New England is attached to his township because it is independent and free: his co-operation in its affairs ensures his attachment to its interests, the well-being it affords him secures his affection; and its welfare is the aim of his ambition and of his future exertions.He takes a part in every occurence in the place; he practices the art of government in the small sphere within his reach; he accustoms himself to those forms without which liberty can only advance by revolutions; he imbibes their spirit; he acquires a taste for order, comprehends the balance of powers, and collects clear practical notions on the nature of his duties and the extent of his rights.Todays cities were originally created to take advantage of the 18 Century interstatethe navigable waters of rivers, canals and the Great Lakes, or the railroads, or just to capture the tax base of factories that may even be long-gone today.Counties administer many federal and state programs that address problems and issues that are more regional in nature than county-specific.

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