Colorado accommodating iol

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Be sure to discuss this possibility thoroughly with your cataract surgeon during your eye exam and consultation prior to surgery.

The Crystalens is an accommodating IOL, which means it moves in response to action of your eye's focusing muscle to provide vision at multiple distances.

No IOL of any kind produces perfect results for every person, and your surgeon should make sure you understand that.

All cataract surgeons who insert premium IOLs also are skilled with standard IOLs.

This lens has certain advantages and disadvantages, compared with multifocal lenses.

Again, your cataract surgeon should discuss details of what you can expect as an outcome.

Naturally, you will want to make sure that the surgical center you choose has not been associated with anything more than a very rare or isolated incident of this type.

You might want to check out the surgical center as well.

While very rare, one issue involving cataract surgical centers might be their infection rate after cataract surgery.

These premium intraocular lenses are called presbyopia-correcting IOLs and require special expertise of your cataract surgeon.

Medicare and most private health insurance policies will cover the cost of standard cataract surgery with conventional monofocal IOLs.

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