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Its only forerunner was Charles Tomlinson's slim volume of 1960.This contained poems of great distinction by an eminent poet, but there was more of Tomlinson in them than Tyutchev.Frank Jude Durham, England January, 2000 The title/first line of a known translation and the author's name are given after the English title/first line. Where the first line is given in French, the poem was written in French.Italics are used for the first line of each untitled poem.Imperturbable form is the outward sign of nature's utter consonance. She has also contributed a series of oil paintings on an anti-racist theme to a major exhibition.Only our spectral liberty imparts a sense of dissonance. The poet Fyodor Tyutchev is known and appreciated by too few people outside of Russia, and yet his position as second to Pushkin (arguably only with the exception of Lermontov) has been acknowledged by generations of Russian/Soviet writers and critics.Studies carried out by Russian scholars during the late nineteenth century and the Soviet period, culminating in Pigaryov's Lirika edition and his book on the poet's life and work, Gregg's study of the life and poetry, and Lane's extensive research, represented by numerous articles, some of his contributions published in Literaturnoe nasledstvo (1988-89), now, it seems to me, need drawing together with the many other smaller contributions of the past twenty or thirty years into a single, new book in English on the writer, a thorough, critical re-appraisal of his work.

His family, in particular two of his daughters, Anna and Ekaterina, deserve attention in their own right.

I shall also continue to work at the translations of the poems.

I am all too aware of the defects of several of my versions, although I hope they are at least accurately rendered, even if they do little justice to Tyutchev.

the great figures in imaginative literature are perpetually contemporary... Ancient or modern, they live in the perpetual present of mankind, crowding it with an accumulation of life and a living variety of human experience. Early editions of selections of the poems appeared under the surname "Murtagh", the name I was born with and which I have discarded for personal reasons.

Muir) A freelance teacher in the north east of England, having taught myself Russian I graduated from the University of Durham in 1972 with first class honours, following this with doctoral research in the work of Tyutchev, supervised by R. The research was never completed and I returned to it some four years ago, one result being this book.

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