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The reading public had always cherished his lyrics, although they did not always have sufficient access to them.

Tyutchev can teach much of value about both how to savour the beauty of fleeting moments and how to face life's adversities with spirit.

1994, for his genuine friendship, and to my father, Hugh, for many reasons. Why do our souls not sing like the sea and why must the thinking reed complain? She has done portraits, illustrated an Urdu text book and a multi-cultural collection of nursery rhymes.

Lane of the University of Durham for sharing with me his great expertise and for his encouragement, to my wife, Viv, and stepsons, Richard and Matthew, for being so patient, to a warm and good person, Julian Marko, who died on February 28th. Shaheen Razvi is a freelance artist living in Scotland.

I believe that he has tackled sensibly the dilemma of the equation facing all translators of poetry - to what extent to reproduce the originals.

It seems inevitable that some of the rhymes and the other formal features must be sacrificed to the need to reproduce the "feel" of Tyutchev's often amazing lyrics.

I have incorporated almost all the notes from Pigaryov's edition, (A:33ii) (1) which are a summary of many people's findings, references to Aksakov's biography and extracts from Tyutchev's letters, as well as including comments by many researchers and myself.

This book has been interestingly illustrated by Shaheen Razvi.It is precisely these qualities which have, I believe, been caught admirably in Frank Murtagh's translations.They transmit faithfully the feelings and the tone of the originals, sometimes with remarkable success.Where the title is a proper name identical in the languages in question, it is given once only (e.g. Title/first line This book has two principal objectives: (a) to provide, for the first time in English, an annotated version of all of Tyutchev's surviving poems, including his translations of other writers, which will be of use to the student of Russian, the Tyutchev researcher and anyone involved in the field of literary translation; (b) to serve as the first ever attempt to introduce Tyutchev the poet in full to the reader of literature who knows no Russian.Most of the annotations deal with history, literary and political.

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