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He was so respectful and cool and it made it all so much easier. That was the vibe on set, we were both humbled by the experience.” “In those shots it looks like we’re in the throes and rolling around on a sexy beach or something,” she added.

We caught up with the actors and asked each of them to reveal some fun fragrance-related facts about themselves, like which scent reminds of them of their first love (hint: Victoria's Secret is involved).

CE: Confidence, but if that turns into arrogance, it's such a turn off. I think like most women, I bought into a certain ideal of beauty that I didn't quite fit into, and I tried to pretzel myself and alter myself to be what I was told is beautiful, and then I realized that you are in control of what you think is beautiful. You fit into a box that you're comfortable in, and you'll attract people with like minds.

It took me a while to figure this out, but there are many ideals.

"He's a really great guy so I was very fortunate to be paired up with him because it made the whole experience that much better and I love Gucci, they are so good to me.

ads featuring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood are some of the most memorable photos from a campaign in recent time and now she’s opening up about the shoot.

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