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Dedicated sports fans and singles looking for a pickup scene should head to Rogue, a vast and dimly-lit sports bar offering late-night Happy Hours, simple bar food, and a rambunctious clientele.

A large projection screen and eight flat-screen TVs ensure that no one misses a moment of the games, boxing matches, and UFC fights Boasting forty hi-def flat-screen TVs and a rustic yet sophisticated dark pine décor, The Ainsworth is an expansive gastropub and sports bar that attracts a clientele of upscale sports enthusiasts and local nine-to-fivers.

The art was of the anodyne motel variety — an old-masters-esque tableau, a canvas of a zebra standing in a forest.She looked healthy and fit, if a little uneasy, as people who have served long spells in prison often do.She had been released only eight days earlier, after serving seven years of a 35-year sentence.One had Manning, in the words of President Donald Trump, as an “ungrateful traitor.” The other positioned her as transgender icon and champion of transparency — a “secular martyr,” as Chase Madar, a former attorney and the author of a book on her case, recently put it to me. “Like, I’ve been so busy trying to survive for the past seven years that I haven’t focused on that at all.”In April 2014, the Army denied Manning’s clemency application, choosing to uphold, in full, her 35-year sentence. B., Raby wrote: “The idea that someone could believe they were a gender other than what they were born was akin to believing a chicken was a hat. However, as a Christian, I fully believe in showing everyone love and compassion, so we talked.”Raby admired Manning’s intelligence, her wit, her unapologetic weirdness. Manning visited his cell frequently to talk or vent or cry — taking care not to stay too long and violate the prison policy of one person to a unit. Manning, re: My Final Letter.” He scanned the first page. Raby notified a guard in the embroidery shop and handed over Manning’s letter.But in Manning’s presence, both narratives feel like impossible simplifications, not least because Manning herself is clearly still grappling with the meaning of what she did seven years ago. There remained the distant possibility of a presidential pardon or commutation, but Manning had no reason to expect one: The White House had condemned the leaks, as had the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. It was his first encounter with a transgender person; he recalls thinking Manning resembled a “sad, strange little man.” In a letter from the U. Manning wrote that she would kill herself after the base’s Fourth of July fireworks display came to a close. “About 1 a.m., I heard an announcement over the guard’s radio about an alert in Manning’s housing unit,” Raby told me.

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