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Hawkins)(see TOF, Tri Di Cam , …) 3DO 3D Studio (format), Nintendo portable game console 3DS 3D Space Animation / Animator 3DSA - DB address res_acro_d001_Page 3 FBCs / Dan C.

Renson 23/10/2014 3D Space Configurator 3D Space Extender 3D Knowledge Object (see BPML, KM and more) format supported by Dassault Systems and using an XML container (see also U3D) Additive manufacturing technology: process of joining materials (i.e.

Acronyms from Future-Based Consultancy & Solutions If you don't think and talk about the future , you won't have one !

"Translation" of 11.490 Business, Finance, ICDT acronyms (including several SAP ones), initialisms, tech terms oddities and techronyms, loaded words, buzzwords and neologisms to ease the reading of courses, books, magazines and papers: see "anacronym", "ASS", CRAA, and many others!

cultural awareness, corporate strategy, performance for improving the international business!

(Finn Drouet Majlergaard) Linking ORS Open, Random, Supportive PACE Pressure, Actions, Capabilities, Enablers PERTS Passion, Experience, Relationship, Teamwork & Smart new name of ETPS PEST People, Motivation, Results (YOTRAN) PMR PTS Values People, Time, Space (see STU, V3) Substitution, Augmentation, Modification & Redefinition ( SAMR Vision, Values, Volition (Futuribles, France)(see PTS Values) V3 WEMI Work, Expression, Manifestation, and Item Work, "Who, What, Where, When, Why" method (see WH H): could be conveniently related to ADI, BI, BPML WH5 41 interacting cases to initiate the CM / change management (FBCs methodology: see picture below) "41" 3 steps of the first triad , Maslow Pyramid, visible & invisible "352" R4 Request For ...

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Intelligence Light green color is related to intelligence, business intelligence (BI)(see also CI for CA, FI, OI, SI) Deep green color is related to Knowledge Management (KM)(search for the "deep green" items) KM Blue letters are related to Light (see LED, nit and more …) Light Light blue color is related to mobile communication (Mo Mo) Mobility Black and white for ROBOT, see RR ROBOT Red color is related to security, identification and risks mgmt (see RM) Security Semantic Prune color Pink color is related to virtual / virtuality (see VR to start the discovery, serious games ) Virtual Wind (power) Light turquoise and black letters are related to WPP Bold acronyms & texts are euro (see EU, EUR) € "translated" in the list US Dollar $ Table of content: page 2 UK Sterling Pound £ & ampersand at (commercial) also used in the e-Mail or email addresses @ hash symbol.It could involve categorisation, classification, indexation, valorisation, ...2 IS targets proximity and sharing (Information System implementation objectives) Culture, System, Structure (FBCs fundamentals)(see 1st triad)(3d and 4th triads available for clients) 2nd triad 3C Context, Content, Communication 6C Capabilities of Competence, Creativity, Competitiveness, Connectivity, Cooperation, Communication 6C Content & Context, Communication, Collaboration, Community, Commerce, Computer / Cloud 3F Family, Friends, Fools … People, Planet, Profit: UN Commission on Sustainable Development (a sort of triple bottom line) 3P 3P (another one) Planet, People, Process: more concern about ESR and human-oriented development strategy 3P from 3M Preventing the Pollution Pays 3P principles Praxis-based/Pragmatic, Perception, Process information included (see 1st principles, CM, ISKO) delivery of the right content to the right person at the right time (see 4R) 3R Volume, Velocity, Variety (see Big Data ) 3Vs see C Generation 4C outdated marketing mix model (Mc Carthy in the 60ties): product, place, price, promotion (see SIVA) 4P add people to 4P.Without which the distributor is guilty of a copyright violation.Biz-Acromania offers an attractive assortment of advantages and opportunities to the community members (details on the last page): (1) regular monthly actualizations (2) possibility to add proprietary contents and/or advertising (3) monthly WP or white pages from FBC and / or the community members profiting of free advertising at the same time (4) half-yearly special editions of the separately published articles and WP for the collectors (5) partnerships are under negotiation for enlarging the already multinational diffusion (Asia, Europe, USA, and more regions) (6) largely distributed proprietary editions are also possible eventual format modification(s). Renson 23/10/2014 hyphen _ underscore ~ tilde, a grapheme that has various destinations or meanings. § made of two "s" section sign: paragraph $$$ temporary files Hayes JT Fax *.001 FTP server supposed to be moved within the next 24 hours to another IP.

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