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And let’s explain the purpose of each of them: My Friends’ Statuses: Chameleon has such a feature called “Status”.

You can see it and set in your profile window, just above your main photo (in the screenshot above there’s no photo uploaded and thus we can see “no photo” there).

We can see a lot of small windows all over the site window.

I’ve enabled them on purpose to show them in this community script review.

So, I’ve decided to write a review since didn’t find any review about it in the Internet. I can see ion Cube Loader, means some of the files are encrypted.

The login and registration fields are available on the main page, it is comfortable. The registration fields have input check which is a good feature. This is a very good feature and I’m happy that the developers included it into the software.

Tried to enter special symbols and got a message with a hint. Now I’m registered and logged in: Pretty nice look.

Let’s get acquainted with the license types: Single Domain License - 7 May be used on one domain. Single Domain License Unique Design - 7 May be used on one domain.

A unique design is made by the designers of the company.

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