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Researcher Stanley Kurz raised the red flag a couple of years ago, when he claimed in the influential conservative journal The Weekly Standard that marriage is slowly dying in Scandinavia.A majority of children in Sweden and Norway are born out of wedlock.

It is like one is hunting for the forever soul-mate.But if you have a family you have to give up the ski holiday together with the guys.Or you have to give up the chance for continuing your education, or running in the marathon, because you have to spend time with the family. community conflict is that nearly half of all Danish marriages end in divorce.These ideals of stability, love, and commitment havent gone out of style, even in progressive and liberal Scandinavia.The biological, nuclear family and true love are still very popular as ideals, and people are getting married more now than they did five years ago, according to Berthe Linddal Hansen, a researcher at the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies.

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