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developed a branded content program featuring custom videos and editorial to support Dewar’s 15 year Limited Edition Scotch.The program organically integrated key brand messaging and product placement.As Guyism points out, it's most likely fake but it's still Viral Video of the Day is a daily feature on where we'll post the latest funny, interesting and popular Internet videos.

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Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook (e.g., school, work, current city, age) will appear with your comment.Fact: I’m exactly one stray cat away from being a Crazy Cat Lady.It’s not that I have that many cats; I only have two.But I’m awfully close to shuffling around the neighborhood in a bathrobe and slippers with unbrushed hair and a cat under each arm, hollering at kids to get off my lawn.And the reality is that without the crazy cat ladies of the world, the entire system of cat adoption and cat fostering would fall apart. Expert Tips Wet LOLCats: Yes, You Can Bathe a Cat and Survive Enough Bad Press: Here Are 16 Pit Bulls Being Affectionate and Adorable Hairless Pets: Adorably Elf-Like or Hideously Rat-Like?

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