Carbon dating used today

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— Scientists have created a new structure by encapsulating a single layer of fullerene molecules between two graphene sheets. — A new material with micropores might be a way to fight climate change.

Buckyball sandwiches combine fullerenes and graphene. Scientists have created crystals that capture carbon dioxide much more efficiently than previously known materials, even in the ...

BIOACCUMULATION How animals and plants secrete toxins in their tissues from their environment. CARBON FOOTPRINT The measure of greenhouse gas emitted by certain actions of humans or industries.One of the new going-green-terminology phrases that almost sounds a bit "scary" is becoming popular...ENERGY VAMPIRES Refers to electric appliances that continue to use energy after they are supposedly turned off.GREEN BUILDING The practice of using eco-friendly building materials, and the designing of energy efficient homes and businesses. GREEN LIFESTYLE/LIVING Consideration of life choices made which will have consequences on the environment.GREENHOUSE GASES Gases in our atmosphere contributing to global warming.

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