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BBW does not mean size 14 and up to every man though so it is still vague.I have been told that I am not a BBW and I am way above a size 14 and always have been since puberty.I would guess some men may think it means that you can barely walk you are so large.SSBBW Body Type This term is used on Craigslist and means “super sized big and beautiful woman”.The best definitions I have found on the web is size 26 and up.That is pretty concise, however I would guess it also means different things to different men.I find when I put this category as my body type rather than A Few Extra or BBW, I get more views and still feel like men probably won’t say I am lying.Could also mean plus size to some men and some men want to only date women who are less than plus size.

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I think it is best to leave this one for the men since it is considered a good thing for men to be stocky currently. Curvy Body Type Again, anyone’s guess what this means.The good news is that 10% of all men will admit to preferring plus size women and estimates are that another 55% of men prefer plus size women but won’t admit it since 65% of women are plus sized and someone is dating or married to all those women. Big and Beautiful: BBW Body Type BBW body type actually has a fairly concise definition, which is a plus size woman size 14 or bigger; “fat” is the politically correct term.It does not necessarily mean high fat percent, greater than 35% for a middle aged woman, but I am guessing that most men think it does.There is also evidence that women with a fat percent higher than 35% have fertility problems which would make biological sense why men prefer women from 25% to 35% since this is believed to be the fertile range.Fat percent also increases with age as fertility decreases, so a man may subconsciously connect fat percent with fertility even while choosing women in a close age range in mid life.

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