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Tyler is arrested and sentenced to 200 hours of community service in the school and Director Gordon assigns him to help the janitor cleaning the place.

One afternoon, the ballet dancer Nora Clark sees Tyler dancing in the parking area and when her partner Andrew has a strain and Tyler offers to help her in the choreography, she accepts the offer; they rehearsal and become close to each other while Tyler becomes friend of the students Miles Darby and Lucy Avila.

However, it is still rare to hear classical music in concert halls due to the influence of the so-called “Cultural Revolution” (1966-1976), when all classical music was deemed to be “bourgeois” and outlawed, and the spiritual side of traditional arts was "washed out" through the "revolutionary" ideology.

As well, the influence of modern pop culture since the 1980s has had a negative impact on the popularity of classical music performances.

The supporting cast also amply sustains the rest of the story.

Apart from the Han Chinese, there are many ethnic minorities living in every corner of China, each with their own traditional folk music.

In fact, in many contemporary compositions, existing folk melodies were simply modified, enriched (creatively through advanced playing techniques and the use of harmonies), and extended.

Some were transcribed so successfully that they may be regarded as an important part of the growing classical repertoire; for instance the famous "Dance of Yi People" composed by Wang Hui-Ran for solo pipa.

The repertoire is further extended by pieces composed or arranged for multi-instrument ensembles.

Needless to say, most contemporary works are quite Westernized, particularly those for ensembles and orchestras (modelled on orchestras in the West), which are easily accessible to the general public, yet veer further away from the classical traditions .

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