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In the black and white film, a love triangle developed between a woman and her husband (a young, middle-class Bohemian couple in a conventional marriage), and one of his friends who lived with the couple.In the plot, Eva pretended to sleep with John as a ploy to rid John of his boorish girlfriend - typing instructor Hickan (Lena Granhagen), who had moved in with John and was beginning to dominate the apartment.It was notorious and controversial for its frontal male nudity (in a shower scene) (excised by censors), female nudity, sex, violence and homosexuality.Considered a precursor of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971, UK), it was was originally X-rated (but subsequently edited and re-rated as R) and most noted for its controversial finale - a violent, vengeful bloody revolt, uprising and shoot-out from the roof of the school building at a conformist British public school (a symbolic microcosm of a repressive Establishment-oriented society) during Speech Day.

The story set in the 41st century involved Barbarella's journey to a distant galaxy to save humanity. This cult film was an explicit, X-rated underground film with non-chalant, frequent male nudity (including one of the earliest instances of an erect penis in a non-pornographic film).

Nubile, vacuous and sexy nymphet Swedish blonde Ewa Aulin (a former Miss Teen Sweden in 1965 and Miss Teen International in 1966) starred as the title character, high-school student Candy Christian.

"Director Christian Marquand's semi-vulgar, hip, 'psychedelic', anti-establishment sex farce was created by scriptwriter Buck Henry from Terry Southern's updated, racy (and supposedly 'unfilmable') 1958 novel (originally based on Voltaire's 18th century Candide).

Miss Aubrey, who won a Bafta for her role as Dorothea in a BBC production of Middlemarch, and starred in The White Queen, required months of treatment for her injuries, including the wound that cut to the bone.

This 'adult' sci-fi fantasy sex-capades comedy from French director Roger Vadim (featuring his new wife Jane Fonda) with a screenplay by Terry Southern was edited to receive a PG rating. Director Paul Morrissey was responsible for this avante-garde low-budget experimental film from pop artist Andy Warhol.

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