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Well I guess "Set Me Free" doesn't exactly RULE, but it's a hell of a lot better than "You Shouldn't Be Sad". "I Need You" is the third and best attempt at a You Really Got Me riff. Still sounds like a bunch of 16 year olds picking up guitars for the first time. Back in the 1960s, the American and British record industries had different points of view.

The actual album tracks almost universally suck, but the singles from that period that comprise the bonus tracks RULE! "When I said I wanted a hit that was 'number one with a bullet,' I meant that I wanted to have a hit on the radio, not that I wanted to be shot in the leg with a bullet! Do you realize how many times I could have sung "Love can rock you/Never stop you/Aaaaaaaah/Love is like a rock" in the time I've spent writing this pile of fucking SHIT?

ray didn't have another genius and george martin to help him out. ray was working with some of the least capable musicians to play on big time records. surely with stevie wonder and john and paul and one or two more as the greatest geniuses in the history of rock music. Certainly what I like to refer to, as a 10/10 kind of album. [email protected] I've said it before but, again, nice work on the site, got me more into music I otherwise wouldn't pay attention to. and yet still you diss the one of two songs I listen more than any on Face to Face, "You're Looking Fine." just the opening pare of couplets in that song are so good. The Stinks outdid themselves in 1967 with the incredible breakthrough Live At Kelvin Hall, so-named because the temperature of the auditorium is set at a spine-curdling zero kelvin degrees year-round. I never knew this, but it says it right here on the back cover. Let me use the HTML tag for "end paragraph" to show you how smart I am. This album features live renditions of one song from the first album, two from Kinda Lame, one from Sizedom, three from Monster Magnet's Greatest Hits Kontroversy and three from the most recent release, Face To Face. Mainly this: if a band decides to play their best songs in concert and proceeds to play versions that sound just like the album versions, does that mean the album deserves a 9 or 10?

brian wilson sat in the studio and did thousands of takes with the finest studio musicians the U. i love the guys but their playing is no match for the allmans for example. anyhow when people ask me who's lps i would take to a desert island i always say i would take the kinks catalog. Even deaf people are said to like this big steamin' pot of groovy stew. They haven't been updated since Buck Rogers went AWOL. Also, my friend has the british import version of the remaster series so he's got all the b-sides and you diss my favorite on those too, "I'm Not Like Anybody Else." Ben As much as I like this album, I can't help but think that the previous album was when the kinks got their act together. After Pete Quaife freezes to death halfway through, things really pick up steam with a hot sassy medley of famous tracks including Aerosmith's "Milk Cow Blues," Tim Burton's "Batman" and The Kinks' "Tired Of Smelling Your Shoe." And Mr., I'm here to announce this: "Milk Cow Blues" is a fast blues-rock song that flows into "Tired Of Waiting For You" about as naturally as Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" flows into the Caspian Sea (i.e. Or should it get a lower grade because it offers nothing new? But in actuality, people who are nice to me are the greatest. And then there's people whose work thrills me and makes me act like a Fan Man. The vocals are a little muffled, but the guitars are louder than hellck.

A lot better than Kinda, but nowhere near the heights of Face to Face, one of my favorite albums of all time. "I Am Free" is nice, as is his desperate rockin attempt at "Milk Cow Blues". And I don't mean the motion picture starring Lee Ving as "Mr. ), intense drama, fast folky pop -- Chief, this is - oh, I'm sorry, may I call you Chief?

Oh okay, if you prefer "Asspecker," that's fine too.

These days, you're pretty much gonna have to stick with Ween to get that. It had all but two tracks from "Face to Face" on it (one of which, curiously, was "Sunny Afternoon"... Face to Face is, in conclusion, one of the greatest albums of all time. If you like progressive 60s pop music at all, you haven't heard anything until you've heard the Kinks from 1966-1969.

"I'll Remember" was the other), and I've loved each and every one of them except for "House in the Country", which can go take a hike (ever heard the Pretty Things cover? And while you're at it, look for the Easybeats too. Den [email protected] love all the kinks lps from kontroversy to kronikles but no matter how much i love the village green i still like this one more.

Send me 4 dollars and you'll know the epic "OJ Simpson" by Low-Maintenance Perennials. Naked Stenographer.) My point is about manufactured bands. " Here's truth for people who like truth: LOTS of bands are manufactured. (Thanks for nothing, Enron and their friends in the Al-Queda! Sometimes they sound like they could use a Kleenex.It's that kind of shocking revelation that can change your whole world in a nutshell and make everything important seem like so many hot air balloons wafting overhead. Then listen to "The World Keeps Going Round" - it's a simple voice song but boy it sticks with you! THIS RECORD CROSSED THE ATLANTIC OCEAN WITH THE SAME TITLE AND TRACK SELECTION ! (covers were the bane of the earlier kollections by the way....ahead listen to their version of Louie Louie over and over again, I dare ya! Gotta get the First Plane Home, When I See Thqat Girl of Mine, You Can't Win... World Keeps Goin' 'Round and I'm On An Island are insights as to what to expect in the future, Where Have All The Good Times Gone makes the hair on my back (not just my neck) stand up every time Dave yells "Wont you tell me" and Till The End of the Day is the last great stab at the "knitting needles in your ears" kind of tune....overall I'll give the album an 8, only because I know of what's to come...........Luckily, it seems as though very few bands actually had a hit with "Radar Love" in 1974 and everybody else is simply cruising through life dependent upon an overriding public belief that it's okay not to have had a hit with "Radar Love" in 1975. Supposedly his sister appeared at a gig once wearing jeans and a newspaperman approached her, thinking that she was Dave. Listen to just the music (block out his vocals with the power of Will) and think, "Hmm. Ben Wow, I didn't realize how much of an improvement this was over the other two. When I got out of the car, he said, "Oh, you're a dude! " How's a young hippy freak to respond to such a comment? I kept my long hair until I was about 25 and it was a horrible mistake that I will not repeat. If you're into punk rock, mosh to "Beautiful Delilah" and "Cadillac" and "I'm A Lover Not A FIghter! We're all laughing now because OJ Simpson murdered two people and is insane, yet he's not in jail! (pause) his would probably be considered the final of the original Kinksy-sounding guitar rock records, but baby it's already moving on to more and more gentle melodic pop songs, which is no problem at all because the Rain Man tears at that. And I'm not saying Ray Davies was a psychic or anything, but if you knew what I know about his crystal balls, you'd be a lot more hesitant to bite him in the groin than you are right now. It reminds me of back when I had long hair and I drove to Taco Bell and a man was looking at me from the next car over. But cut it short when you graduate from college, because your hairline is going to start receding and your face is going to get wrinkles and laughlines. I just, myself, don't understand what the Eastern influence is. So stop shooting Ray Davies because it's cold and rainy! Actually I put on a cartoon that was voiced by Mel Blanc. I know I'd be depressed if I was going to be penning the song "Destroyer" within the next two decades.

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