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"The record's got some great stuff on it, but I was still figuring out some things about songwriting." called out the band's "college-poetry lyrics and wandering melodies" as the element that was "keeping them from becoming Indigo Women." If the themes feel girlish at times, perhaps it's owed to the fact that the Georgia natives began performing together in high school.

"We started so young that there wasn't that pressure that you might feel when you start a band in your thirties and everybody is like, 'We've got to make it.' It was very, 'Let's just go have a good time,'" she recalls.

The following year, the quartet performed at an Earth Day concert in Boston as well as the Newport Folk Festival, while more recently they reunited at Baez's 75th birthday concert at the Beacon Theatre where they performed the folk standard, "The Water is Wide."Individually, the members of Four Voices have been busy with various projects."Until the people that are coming up now are the ones that are holding the power," she begins again, "I think things are still going to be a little status quo.I know it's hard to believe that we would have been scared to even say we were gay [back then], but we were." And, according to Ray, it's a form of discrimination that has its own hierarchy."When you're in college, all your college friends come out and then after college, your life is like the music scene. It's a cultural thing, a cosmos, as much as anything else." at age 30, Ray has gone on to release nine additional albums with Saliers, five solo efforts, and become a mom to daughter Ozilline Graydon with partner Carrie Schrader.But personal growth aside, there remains a cultural constant that has plagued the duo since their first foray into the mainstream.

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