Amputee dating canada

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"Our allegations are that had she been properly assessed when she presented at the hospital ...

a substantial part of the damage, if not all of it, could have been prevented," says her attorney.

The language of subsection 72(2) points to Parliament's intention that in determining whether the incapacity suffered is exceptional, certain objective tests must be taken into account.

These tests, as found under subsection 72(2) are not, however, to be read as restricting the general requirement of subsection 72(1)(b), which is that exceptional incapacity is to be determined by whatever criteria are relevant.

Seven months later, she remains hospitalized following a hysterectomy and amputations of all four limbs—an outcome Hubley attributes to doctor negligence in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

The new mom was eventually diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease.

"No mom should ever have to watch their fiance and their son walk out the door every night for over 200 days,'' adds Hubley’s partner, Mike Sampson, 34, referring to Hubley's long hospital stay.

"Our lives have been turned upside down.'' IWK has not responded.

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Paragraph 2 of Section 72 of the and (1-3) states that account may be taken of the degree to which incapacity is lessened by treatment or the use of prostheses.

“Disability” is defined in the ; however, this is not the case for “incapacity”.

Nevertheless, it is accepted that “incapacity” has a much broader meaning than “disability”, it may involve considerations other than medical (1-28), e.g.

ability to work, social activities, family problems, etc.

In any case, the pensioner must be in receipt of either a disability pension under the .

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