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'It is not the place to actually date.'"Ansari adds, "With all our new tools for connecting and communicating, there's still nothing more useful than actually spending time with a person face-to-face." So if you really want to foster a modern romance, spend more face time with the person, instead of screen time.

But at some point, Ansari realized he was going on "a lot of first dates but not as many third dates," so he switched up his strategy a bit.

The children have an amazing wealth of untapped knowledge we grownups should be using to further our own selfish endeavors.

Don't judge a child by his or her tiny, unblemished face.

Check out the interview to learn more about her, and then do yourself a favor and start listening to Tonight Alive. When I went into school, I joined the choir straight away, so it was kind of something that was really normal and comfortable for me.

And then when I went into high school, I started learning instruments and being a part of musicals and that’s how I sort of started to network and make friends with the guys in my band. Something that is a recurring theme is self-empowerment.

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