Adult dating woods hole massachusetts

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One of his first dates with Lisa took place on a sailboat out in the harbor.

And when the couple got married, at his parents’ place, the neighbors offered up a perfect site for the wedding tent.

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“This home was to be our oasis, our place to get away from all that,” he says.

“We wanted the house to be as small as possible,” Lisa says. I prefer a home where people are bumping into each other.”Still, it had to be “elastic,” she says.

For the family there is a freestanding garage in front—“When they arrive they park the car and walk straight through the breezeway, right out to their boats at the pier,” says Hare, adding, “Their life is all about the water.” Guests, meanwhile, park in a separate area to the side and reach the house via a bridge that spans a grassy gully.

Both entry processions have their own kind of thoughtful drama.

No one knows better all the things that can complicate a building project than someone involved in a lot of construction.

So Joshua Bernstein, CEO of the real-estate firm Bernstein Management Corporation in Washington, D.

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