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Christy also said the special education teacher attended a youth fair with her daughter the weekend before she was diagnosed.'This is like nothing I've ever seen,' Christy said.

'She did have the flu shot and she ended up contracting both strains of the flu.'Christy also said Crystal could've contracted the virus at the hospital.

Two days after her diagnosis, Whitley's husband called 911 in panic, and she was airlifted to a hospital in Dallas where she was diagnosed with sepsis, double pneumonia, and MRSA, a staph infection that is resistant to many antibiotics.

Speaking to Daily Mail Online, distraught friends and family members of Crystal, who has two biological children and three step-children, say they're in shock as doctors try to wean her off her ventilator while fighting the deadly viruses.'She's making progress in so many ways,' Mary O'Connor, Crystal's mother, told Daily Mail Online.

Daily Mail Online could not confirm whether or not this is true.

There are many different strains of flu circulating around the world, but four main types are being seen, or are set to emerge, in America this winter.

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When her left lung collapsed twice, doctors inserted three tubes to inflate and drain fluid from the organ.

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A mother-of-five special education teacher is on life support after contracting two flu strains - and her family fear the second was contracted in hospital.

Crystal Whitley, 35, of Mullin, Texas, was diagnosed with the flu on January 22 and given Tamiflu to treat her ailment - just four months after giving birth.

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