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Would you allow a total stranger of any age or sex into your child or teen's bedroom?

Sites like this make that possible--without you even being there to supervise! I heard about this website through the news and checked it out... The Next chatter was a girl, I was called sexy and then told to pull down my pants. Not for kids Most of the people I see on Chatroulette are both adults and minors with there genitals hanging out masturbating, making obscene gestures and doing illegal drugs as well as other illicit activities and generally offensive behavior on camera which is a clear violation of the terms and conditions of the use of this website, not to mention absolutely disgusting.

And the first young person I saw was master bating. Not for kids that b scared me for my face to face internet chat days.

So if you wanna see that stuff goahead Horrible site, horrible idea. As an 18 year old that has grown up in the age of the internet, I have to say that this site is a definite no for kids under the age of 16.

Imagine a youth from the Palestinian Liberation movement having a dialogue with a Jewish kid from suburban United States.

Think of all the high school and college students discussing schools, careers, and opportunities.

Do you know who your child is talking to on their computer? The reality is older adolescents and young adults will have access to these sites.Sometimes a black screen is seen as the person either has no camera or has chosen not to reveal themselves.Similarly, sometimes audio is unavailable and conversation is through text. A young woman in high school recently told me the site was "scarring." Imagine your child getting a glimpse of pedophiles masturbating or enticing young people with conversation. Often young people are displaying themselves and doing dangerous stunts with their body.Mean while, the ones who are showing nudity, using excessive profanity and partaking in illegal drugs and activities are the ones who seem to have no action taken against them.Why is it usually the people who treat it with respect and responsibility that get punished Well this site is way inappropriate. My friend emailed me the link to the site and say we could chat face to face. Well after that I started to see people I didn't recognize.

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