Accommodating religion

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If I’m running a warehouse and one of my workers starts trying to convert somebody, that’s probably not illegal, unless the person is harassing.

But if I’m running a public-school system, a teacher doesn’t have those same rights.

That can get into kind of murky water, too, because some religious organizations have business entities in which religion really isn’t the purpose of the entity.

That gets to be a grayer area on whether the organization can discriminate against somebody because of his or her religion, and it probably can’t.

If you start going down that road, you’ll run into some potential problems when you’re disciplining or transferring an employee.

I don’t want to be bothered,” then you’re balancing the free speech of one person with another’s right to be left alone—and the latter generally prevails. An employer starts running real risks if supervisors or employees are commenting on whether someone has been to church, or they’ve observed that someone doesn’t have a [religious] bumper sticker on his or her car, or things like that.What you can do is try to assign the employee to a different job.How would you handle this topic in a hiring situation?For instance, the EEOC has also stated that employees may keep religious books or office decorations.] What about discussing religion at the workplace?Where’s the line between being friendly and harassing someone?

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