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A long hard winter is referred to as a Blackthorn Winter.

To Witches, it often represents the dark side of the Craft.

It is a sacred tree to the Dark, or Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, and represents the Waning and Dark Moons.

Blackthorn is known as ‘the increaser and keeper of dark secrets’.13 The tree is linked with warfare, wounding and death, associated with the Scottish Cailleach - the Crone of Death, and the Irish Morrigan.

They are excellent when combined with apples in a jam.12 Try making a blackthorn tincture, with a sloe gin base!

Folklore Blackthorn is depicted in many fairy tales throughout Europe as a tree of ill omen.

Witches and heretics were burned on Blackthorn pyres.Location: Found throughout the British Isles, Blackthorn dwells on the edge of woodlands forming dense thickets and hedgerows, often with Hawthorn and Elder.I found Blackthorn growing along the sacred Ridgeway near Wayland’s Smithy, and on the path leading to the White Horse of Uffington.The sapwood is light yellow and the heartwood is brown.Thorn: The tree bears wicked long sharp thorns, which if pricked, can turn septic.3 Flower: The tree bears musk scented small, delicate, white flowers with oval petals clustered into a star shape in early spring4.

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