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The sapwood is light yellow and the heartwood is brown.

They are usually white, but occasionally pink, with red tipped stamens.5 Leaf: Small dark green oval leaves which turn yellow before they fall off in winter6, Fruit: Small blue-black, sometimes deep purplish, round globular berries in the summer, ripening after the first frost.7 Sloe berry juice can be used for ink or a strong red dye.8 Commercial uses: The wood is mainly used to manufacture walking sticks and Irish shillelaghs.

Location: Found throughout the British Isles, Blackthorn dwells on the edge of woodlands forming dense thickets and hedgerows, often with Hawthorn and Elder.

I found Blackthorn growing along the sacred Ridgeway near Wayland’s Smithy, and on the path leading to the White Horse of Uffington.

In Scotland, winter begins when the Cailleach (also the Goddess of Winter) strikes the ground with Her Blackthorn staff.

According to Christian folklore, Blackthorn is seen as a sinister tree and associated with Witches.

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